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Amber Heard’s Attorney Accuses Johnny Depp Of Lying About Drug Use On Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Forms

For the past two weeks, exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been in court together over Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against Heard in response to the actress’ published Washington Post column alleging abuse. Among the most recent developments in court, Heard’s attorney has accused the Pirates of the Caribbean actor of lying to […]

Nic Cage Says He Nearly Bought A Cave While Working On The National Treasure Movies (And He Had A Wild Reason For Wanting It)

It’s so satisfying to see actors who deserve some love get positive attention, and it seems like we are totally in an era of resurgences for stars who have previously stolen our hearts. While Brendan Fraser is in the midst of a Brenassiance, Nicolas Cage has also reached a kind of cult status, and is […]

Sounds Like Furiosa’s Anya Taylor-Joy Is Looking To Emulate Charlize Theron’s Version Of The Mad Max Character In A Key Way

2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road relaunched the Mad Max franchise 30 years after the release of Beyond Thunderdome, and the fifth Mad Max movie is on track for release nearly a decade after its predecessor. However, rather than the next entry in this sag being a direct Fury Road sequel, filmmaker George Miller is winding […]

Will Helen Mirren Return For Fast X? Here’s What The Actress Says

For the past decade, the Fast & Furious franchise has been collecting an impressive billing of its “Fast Family.” As the main franchise supposedly comes to an end with the upcoming two-part finale, there’s a lot of possibilities about who we might see. One fan-favorite we’re curious about is Helen Mirren, who has appeared as […]

Jurassic World: Dominion’s Colin Trevorrow Shares Awesome Photo Of Sam Neill’s Return

Steven Spielberg’s original movie Jurassic Park movie changed the film world forever, particularly thanks to its groundbreaking use of CGI. Fans of the dinosaur property were thrilled to learn that the three original stars were going to be reprising their role in Jurassic World: Dominion. And director Colin Trevorrow recently shared an awesome photo of […]

Kiefer Sutherland Shares Hilarious Story Behind His Lost Boys Haircut And How He’s At Least Partially To Blame For The Mullet ‘Movement’

Kiefer Sutherland has had a remarkable career in film and television that has lasted over 30 years. From the coming of age drama Stand by Me to his role as Jack Bauer in 24, which Sutherland may not be quite done with, the actor has played many memorable roles that have become part of popular […]

The Mummy Director Talks How The Tom Cruise Movie Was Beneficial For Him Despite Being His ‘Biggest Failure

Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe franchise collapsed at the same place it began: with 2017’s The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise (one of two movies he appeared in that year, the other being American Made). This take on the classic horror franchise was primarily met with negative reviews and was considered a commercial disappointment, and director Alex […]

Creed III’s Jonathan Majors Opens Up About Getting Punched In The Face Over And Over

A brand new Creed movie is on the horizon and that means lots of great fight action on screen. Like the Rocky movies that came before, the boxing sequences in Creed while certainly still staged, require some at least fairly real punches to be thrown. And Jonathan Majors took more than his share of shots […]

A Universal Orlando Fan Had A Clever Idea For A New Fast And Furious Ride, But Fans Are Divided

For over a year now, we’ve been hearing about a dual-track rollercoaster headed to Universal Orlando’s already-announced Epic Universe. The new theme park on the Universal property is expected to open in 2025 and while some of its content has been confirmed a lot of it is still just guesswork at this point. Unsurprisingly, this […]

Sandra Bullock Jokes About Enduring Friendship With Speed Co-Star And Pal Keanu Reeves

Speed is one of those action flicks you absolutely must watch when it pops up on television. The film not only propelled Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to Hollywood superstardom but spawned a friendship that still endures to this day. Even years after the movie premiered, Bullock and Reeves continue to be part of each […]